Suzanne Hewson

Hi, I’m Suzanne and I have been a befriender for Dumfries and Galloway Sands since completing my training in Birmingham in September 2015.

On 18 February 2012, our perfect baby boy Oliver arrived 7 days overdue after an easy pregnancy with no stress or complications. We had 18 amazing days with Oliver and are so lucky to have many treasured photos and memories.

On 7 March, while travelling home, we were involved in a tragic car accident just half a mile from our home. Oliver later died in hospital from his injuries.

We received amazing support from the staff in A&E and our midwives, however, meeting with the befrienders from SANDS brought us the most comfort as they had all been our situation before; they could relate to exactly what we were going through and reassure us that what we were feeling was “normal”. They also gave us some hope. I knew from hearing their stories that their babies would never be forgotten, and they had been able to find happiness again.

While there will always be a huge, gaping, Oliver shaped hole in our lives, we have learnt to live with our grief. Being a SANDS befriender can be tough, emotionally draining and heart-breaking but also incredibly rewarding and I feel that while helping others I am also honouring the life of Oliver.

I felt after the amazing support SANDS provided to me I wanted to help others after they had experienced the unimaginable trauma of their baby dying.

The Sands Bereavement Support app was created for anyone who has experienced the death of a baby