Cairn’s Charity Barndance

Shona Dalton and her daughter Chloe, along with friends and family, organised a phenomenally successful charity barndance in memory of her son, Chloe’s brother, Cairn.


The weather could not dampen the spirits of the 300 ticket holders who turned out to support Shona and to remember Cairn.  Shona and her friends (easily identified in their purple hoodies) had sourced a huge number of fantastic prizes for the raffle including a 32” TV.  Everyone dug deep and bought lots of raffle tickets and many were rewarded with a prize.  The wind blew and the rain battered the barn but the packed dance floor remained dry.   The revellers enjoyed listening to local band Back2Back and Hughie’s disco while eating food fresh from the barbecue and drinking refreshments from the well-stocked bar.


Shona and her band of helpers had transformed the interior of a cattle shed into a clean and beautifully decorated function suite complete with dance floor, stage, toilets, bar, chairs and tables decorated with purple table covers and purple balloons and a catering area with barbecue.  Whoever had the task of weather proofing had a challenge on their hands but they coped tremendously well.  Money was raised through ticket sales, raffle and donations.


Thanks to the generosity of all who attended, Shona was able to present the amazing sum of £6388.26 to Dumfries and Galloway Sands in memory of her ‘sleeping angel’ Cairn.