Coffee Morning – Dalbeattie Town Hall

Saturday the 8th September saw our very first coffee morning to raise funds and awareness of D&G Sands. Our friend and artist Lynda Burns, came up with the idea knowing how popular coffee mornings are in Dalbeattie. Lynda booked the venue and set about the organising with her partner Peter.


As usual we had lots of help from friends and family with delicious home baking, raffle prizes and a plant stall. We charged £1.50 at the door for tea/ coffee and as many cakes and scones as you could eat. We had a display of our Sands work in D&G which was warmly received and admired.  There was a lovely warm, friendly atmosphere on the day and some of the people there had personal experience in the death of a baby, which never ceases to amaze how many people you meet who have suffered this tragedy.



We were delighted with the sum we raised of £282 which all goes towards keeping up our support for bereaved parents in our area.


Thank you to our friends and supporters for helping on the day, and special thanks to Lynda and Peter.