Cairn’s Barn Dance.

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Young Mum Shona Dalton and her friends have been very busy planning a barn dance in memory of her baby boy Cairn. Cairn was stillborn in 15th November 2010, leaving Shona and her daughter Chloe heartbroken.


Shona contacted D&G Sands for support soon after as she was touched to be told of the donation to Cresswell of the refrigerated cot she was able to use when Cairn was born. Also the memory box Shona received to place Cairns’ things in was donated by Sands.


Shona wanted to do something to say thank you to Sands for the support they have given to her. So that’s when the idea of the barn dance came to light, a committee was formed with all Shona’s friends and they set about organising the event. They have put a huge amount of work in to make it a big success and have had great support from family, friends and local businesses.


The big event is on Saturday the 21st May at Maulcastle Farm, Cummertrees . The girls have sold 300 tickets, a sell out. They have a disco, a raffle and have bought hundreds of sausages and burgers. They are hoping for dry weather but will be sure to have a great night regardless of the weather.